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Use your phone in a new way
Ghost is an Augmented Reality solution including a smartphone-powered headset and an app that lets you browse the web on your phone in a fun, productive and immersive way.

Powered by
your favorite device

The Ghost headset is designed to work with any AR compatible iPhones and Androids. It's easy to use thanks to it's bluetooth remote control and offers a great quality AR experience with it's high resolution display. Slide in your phone and enjoy all your favorite web apps and content.

Compatible with
iPhones and Androids
Easy interaction
with bluetooth remote
High resolution
immersive display

Browse the web on your phone like never before

We believe the web deserves better than a 5" screen. That's why we created a way to browse the web in an immersive way while remaining portable and convenient. With Ghost the smallest screen you own becomes the biggest one!

Browse multiple
websites at once

With Ghost you can easily browse multiple websites at once. Just click the menu button on the remote to access your favorite web apps or open Google.

Enter text easily
with the virtual keyboard

Easily find what you are looking for by typing text using the virtual keyboard.

Load 3d models
right from the web

When browsing a website that includes a 3d model, you can easily bring that 3d model into your environment and pin it to a flat surface like the floor. You can also walk around it to see it in different angles.

Developers Rejoice!

Building apps for Ghost is a breeze. Since it is powered by your smartphone we can leverage some of the best libraries out there such as ARKit/SceneKit, ARCore, and Google VR. When we start shipping we will provide sample codes to get started with iOS, Android, Unity, and WebXR.

Own Ghost

We are working hard on manufacturing a small batch of developer kits. Register below to get notified when devices become available for sell.

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